Mommy and Me: Mother and Daughter Matching Swimsuits


With inca’s super chic mother/daughter swimsuit sets you can celebrate the stylish mom with a great bikini and swimsuit basics — and matching age-appropriate swimwear for her little lady.



You can purchase these two different swim suits with the matching daughter swimsuits on Etsy!


Matching swimwear is a great way to bond over something you both love: the water. It also just happens to look great in the family photos you’ll be posting on Facebook this season. Let us tell you some more about the features and styles offered by Hive’s Laguna Bay swimsuit.

The Laguna Bay Women Training One Piece Swimsuit offers a print with stripes of white, green and blue to make a colourful and stunning design that look great in the water. The fully lined front and back provides maximum coverage and support when in the water and out of the water. The minimal design is meant to reduce the much hated tan lines that other training one piece swimsuits’ infamously inflict upon women swimmers around the world.

The Laguna Bay Girls Training One Piece Swimsuit is a colourful design that offers all the colours of the Laguna Bay water in a cute striped design that girls with a creative sense of style absolutely love! The T back strap offers freedom of movement for everything from a water slide to a game of sharks and minos to swim practice. Perfect for girls that just love to do everything in the water.

Find these swimsuits on


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